Meals for Health Program

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  EarthSave created our Meals for Health program -- a series of 30-day interventions where underprivileged people are taught to eat a healthy plant-based diet.  Health luminaries like John McDougall MD, Jeff Novick RD, Rip Esselstyn, Matt Lederman MD -- and many other plant-based health professionals -- have joined together for this ground-breaking project.

Donation Restrictions: Your donation will be used exclusively on program expense associated with Meals For Health, EarthSave is a 100% volunteer-run organization.

Long term Program Goal:  With the success of our pilot program at Sacramento Food Bank, we have received scores of requests from communities around the world who wish to implement their own Meals For Health program.  We are close to completing a template and materials which EarthSave will make available to individuals and organizations who wish to teach a healthy plant-based diet to underprivileged groups, and transform their lives in the process.

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